Scheizze: German court orders to be split in half

Future view of from across the border to

Future view of from across the border to

A German court, acting on a lawsuit filed by the city of Berlin in Germany, has essentially re-introduced Cold War era conditions in the region.

“Dis iz a very gut deshizion fur Deutschland, ya vol!” exclaimed Berlin vice-mayor, Klaus Scheizze.

“Only ze city of Berlin has ze right und purpose to operate ze domain name!” added Scheizze.

With the .com TLD being operated by US based Verisign, however, it seems that a Solomonic Solution is in due order: split the domain in half.

“We are looking into the option of splitting into and and give one each to the parties involved,” said Verisign spokesman, Peter Dick. “This way, each party can do as they please with their half, and avoid further litigation costs that can amount to tens of thousands of euro, added Dick.

By using and in place of, each party will operate independently, avoiding confusion as of the purpose and function of their virtual assets.

East Berlin will be covering the history and city functions of Berlin, while West Berlin will operate as did before, serving a pseudo-portal with bare bones information and the occasional ad to its millions of visitors.

There are no plans, currently, to utilize as a gateway to both East and West Berlin online.

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