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#Sedo announced no more minimum fees for #domain sales in 2019

Sedo, a DomainGang sponsor, announced that their minimum fee for domain listings is being waived through the rest of the year.

According to a Sedo announcement:

Until now, with every domain sale you had to pay a minimum fee of $60. That meant selling a domain for a few hundred dollars might not have been worth your while. At least that is the feedback we received from our valued customers.

We listened, and that is why we are doing away with the minimum fee! This makes listing and selling your lower-priced domains especially lucrative. Now you can earn twice as much with one domain sale! 

Benefits for both Domain sellers and buyers:

  • Sellers: Earn more net profits from domain sales priced on the lower end of the price spectrum, i.e. the 3-digit range.
  • Buyers: Bids start at just $20 instead of $90 creating more purchase opportunities for all budgets.

Read more details about the Sedo fees and list your domains at Sedo.

No more minimum fee at Sedo for 2019

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