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#Sedo : Domain name newsletter for September 2019


Sedo, a DomainGang sponsor, sent out its latest domain newsletter with a Fall 2019 theme.

The corporate news from Sedo.com can be broken down to the following:

Some of the summaries from the latest Sedo newsletter can be perused below:

  • Positive results and benefits can be achieved when using a domain sales professional to secure your desired domain. Read on for a great example of how even when hurdles or language barriers arise, these challenges can be overcome. This case study has a very surprising chain of events that occurred in the pursuit of riciclaggio.com which means recycling in Italian.
  • In early 2019, the biggest hacker attack in German history stunned their Federal Governing Body. The attackers specifically targeted politicians, but forum moderators, activists and YouTubers alike also saw some of their personal data suddenly (and without their permission) go viral. In our digital guideline for politicians, we show you best practices for a domain strategy in the political arena and how politicians can protect themselves from hacker attacks.
  • A few weeks ago we debuted our first version of a new Sales Landing Page for your domains listed for sale. Many successful sales as a result have ensued! Now we are pleased to announce 12 additional variations are available for your parked domains, making these even more attractive to buyers. Be sure to check out how the new layouts of the landing pages look and how easy it is to set them up!
  • We have now implemented Domain Age as an available metric within our Expiring Domains Auction feed. To view this new data point you must be in our Expert Mode & filter for this within the Facts tab. It is also accessible when you utilize the “Export all Auctions” function. This very useful criteria helps make your domain selections even easier!

For more news and information, visit Sedo.com.

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