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#Sedo #domain sales for the week of June 29, 2020 topped by Expert.AI at 95000 EUR

Sedo weekly: Top sale is that of Expert.AI at 95,000 Euro.

Welcome to the latest edition of reporting on the Sedo domain sales; this time we cover the week ending on June 29, 2020.

This information has been provided by Sedo.com, sponsors of DomainGang. Please read a current notice on the listing ban of Coronavirus domains at Sedo.

This report contains 3 domains sold at five figures as seen below – dot .com only:

stellantis.com 20,000 GBP
charteredcare.com 15,000 USD
lawyer24.com 11,000 USD

Keep in mind that sales prices are listed in USD and also in EUR or GBP, but are converted in USD for ranking purposes. It could have been easier to show all sales in Bitcoin! 🙂 Don’t miss out the Sedo Bus story! 🙂

Further down the list, some solid sales of .com domain names, for amounts of $2000 and up:

dadjoke.com 9,999 USD
biomes.com 9,888 USD
functor.com 8,000 EUR
muscleandhealth.com 7,200 USD
wintoo.com 7,000 USD
doubledipper.com 6,995 USD
mattressfinder.com 6,600 USD
paperpal.com 6,500 EUR
zhuanyu.com 6,000 USD
scaramanga.com 5,999 EUR
sheshop.com 5,000 USD
zoomedu.com 5,000 USD
tikimugs.com 4,995 USD
lifelist.com 4,700 USD
datingseiten.com 4,000 EUR
retrowave.com 4,000 USD
apani.com 4,000 USD
lusthome.com 3,850 EUR
inuvai.com 3,500 USD
motobarn.com 3,500 USD
fslv.com 3,500 USD
jobcracker.com 3,500 USD
edubites.com 3,488 USD
cwad.com 3,250 USD
poolueberdachung.com 3,125 USD
kalayo.com 3,000 EUR
wishcloud.com 3,000 USD
danoh.com 2,900 EUR
sunglassesdirect.com 2,885 USD
fitop.com 2,750 EUR
humansmatter.com 2,695 USD
headsapp.com 2,658 EUR
deloya.com 2,599 USD
xxxone.com 2,500 USD
andytown.com 2,499 USD
dentistly.com 2,495 USD
apremia.com 2,200 USD
enjoylove.com 2,200 USD
burstlive.com 2,000 USD
yeshair.com 2,000 USD

Continuing with ccTLD sales, with four domain in the five figure range:

expert.ai 95,000 EUR
company.ch 22,000 EUR
stellantis.fr 18,000 EUR
ecash.ch 11,050 EUR
bagaglio.it 7,500 EUR
datingseiten.de 5,555 EUR
faye.fr 5,000 EUR
autokredite.de 4,999 EUR
point.me 4,800 USD
wein-kaufen.de 4,750 EUR
pvh.de 4,500 EUR
sur.ge 3,500 USD
next-mobility.de 2,500 EUR
meinsquare.de 2,500 EUR
super.com.mx 2,500 EUR
pos-service.de 2,000 EUR
4camper.de 2,000 EUR
patch.me 2,000 USD

And lastly, sales of other types of TLDs, with all domains in the four figure range:

mermaid.net 7,999 EUR
civ.org 7,500 USD
encrypt.org 6,500 EUR
hali.net 5,000 USD
greatly.org 3,488 USD
digitalmentor.org 2,495 USD
blackowned.org 2,000 USD

In this final half of 2020 Sedo continues to deliver great domain sales, despite the Coronavirus onslaught!

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