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Seven with #Sedo : GreatDomains and the April 2018 #domain auction

Sedo – GreatDomains.

Sponsor: Sedo*

GreatDomains is a 7-day long auction by Sedo, from April 19 – 26, 2018, featuring a carefully selected portfolio of domain names.

For April’s auction, we are presented with 47 domains; sometimes, more domains are added after the first couple of days of the auction.

We perused the GreatDomains list, and came up with our selection of 7 domains, producing this month’s “Seven with Sedo” review:

  • OrganicStore.com – Eating healthy is a necessity these days, and organic food is the only way to avoid exposure to pesticides. Reserve in the mid four figures.
  • Bier.de – Beer in German, and German beer is the best in the world. Oktoberfest at the Sedo HQ is always fun! If you have a German beer factory, this is for you. Reserve in the low six figures in Euro.
  • Dump.com – Great name for a file repository, or a place to send the one you want to dump with a short message. We think outside of the box here! Reserve in the low/mid five figures USD.
  • CivilWar.com – One of the worst conflicts for humanity. Or, a great brand for hunting gear, or gangsta streetware, yo! Reserve in the high five figures.
  • Recruits.com – The few, the proud, the Recruits. New slogan for the military. Drop and give me high four figures, as the reserve.
  • Infections.com – Medical sites generate lots of searches and thus advertising revenue from traffic. Would be great as a repository of known infections and their treatments. High four figures in British pounds.
  • WineGlasses.com – Wine is the elixir of life, when consumed in moderation. Don’t drink from the bottle though, use wine glasses. Mid to high four figures as the reserve.

To search the full domain inventory of the GreatDomains auction for April 2018, click here.

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