Seven with #Sedo : It’s with Beer.CO from

Sedo, our premium sponsor, is having a GreatDomains auction from December 3rd to the 10th.

More than 140 dictionary domains are being auctioned, priced with a minimum reserve of 99 dollars—or euro or British pounds—and up. Make sure you check the currency next to each domain if you bid!

We picked 7 from this list of premium domains, without any feedback from Sedo, for this edition’s “Seven with Sedo.

  • Beer.CO – Hands down a great domain, for everyone who loves beer, the best and most refreshing adult beverage on the planet. The ancient Egyptians drank it too. Reserve up to $4,999 USD
  • – Delicious and nutritious, this 20 year old domain is here to make you feel great. Goes well with pasta or tzatziki. Reserve up to $4,999 USD.
  • – One of the oldest European kingdoms ended in 1910 and it’s a democracy since then. Great weather, food, and fun language. Reserve for this 25 year old domain is up to $999,999 USD.
  • – A 1996 registration, this verb/noun is ready to be developed. Reserve up to 99,999 EUR.
  • – Religious exclamation of surrendering to God’s will, it’s a word of Hebrew origin used by Christians and Muslims too. Maybe we don’t have much to split after all. Registered in 1996 with up to $499,999 USD reserve.
  • – Nice keyword for organizations supporting wildlife and animal rights. Reserve is up to 9,999 EUR.
  • – If you want to own a cluster of Portuguese islands, now it’s your chance. A 1996 registration with a reserve of up to $499,999 USD.

View the full inventory of the Sedo auction of dictionary domains.

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