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Seven with #Sedo : Second dot .UK auction begins tomorrow

Sedo held a dot .UK auction last months and the sales results demonstrated a lot of interest among the British domainers.

The DomainGang sponsor announced that its second dot .UK auction begins tomorrow, August 8, lasting until August 15; more than 150 domains will be auctioned.

We’ve selected seven domains from this group, for this month’s “Seven with Sedo,” that stand out, in our opinion:

  • Unlimited.uk – Great keyword for a marketing or motivational services firm
  • FN.uk – Two letter domain that has many acronyms
  • Kittens.uk – British pussy is soft and furry
  • Big.uk – After Brexit, it’s time to build a big UK
  • Bikinis.uk – The UK is getting hotter thanks to climate change
  • Pain.uk – Great domain for a pain management clinic
  • Cheeses.uk – Cheese made in the UK is among the best in the world

For more details visit Sedo.com to review the full list of dot .UK domains on auction.

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