case lawyer to get “FU” made out of $211,223.04

Charles Carreon to receive this picture from The Oatmeal owner.

Back in June, we wrote how an argument between The Oatmeal and the Funny Junk owners ended up involving Charles Carreon, the lawyer who became famous for his role in reclaiming the stolen domain,, in the mid 90’s.

Carreon asked for $20,000 for his client, in order to settle an alleged case of defamation; The Oatmeal responded by turning to a charity fundraiser against cancer.

In the process, they raised more than $200,000 dollars.

The situation got more complex, when Carreon contributed to the fundraiser, then sued The Oatmeal on the basis of misappropriating funds.

The Oatmeal just published a photo of the money – a total of $211,223.04 in charity funds – that form a large “FU” and plans to mail off the picture to Charles Carreon.

You can read about the full story here.

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