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Sex, smokes and booze: Mature names for adult domainers

Francois has launched MatureNames.com

I called Francois Carrillo, the French domain entrepreneur earlier today as he was already enjoying a two-hour lunch; it’s typical for French to take their time with eating.

He told me that today was a special day. After thirty years of being a smoker, he celebrated his third year as a non-smoker.

While vices don’t hurt in small quantities, smoking is good to be avoided.

“So how are you celebrating, Francois”, I asked.

“Very simple, very simple”, he replied. “I’m launching a new vertical marketplace to sell mature names – called MatureNames.com of course!”

I was flabbergasted. “Mature names? What do you mean by that, Francois?

He laughed, sipping some more red wine. “I invite adult domainers to sell adult domains, such as sex, liquor, cigars, roulette and such.

Very clever, I had to admit. A marketplace for domains that would make Father Domainicus faint.

But, it is what it is – there’s a market for everything in domaining. I waved farewell to Francois and went to my domain list to pick my adult domains.

They’d be featured on MatureNames.com right away!

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2 Responses to “Sex, smokes and booze: Mature names for adult domainers”
  1. Francois says:

    I read many true snipets in this post You know me? … Ha ha!

    I should have build theis vertical before in fact, I am tired to decline submissions due to the mature character of many submitted domains. He look likes most new domainers start their billant carreer grabing mature domains thinking it’s where the money is or because they got it for cheap, I don’t know. At least there is now a dedicated marketplace where all these stuff can be listed without worry about censorship.

    Oops! There is still a censorship that exists in most of our marketplaces and it’s the minimum appraisal value for which we accept to list names (with the hope to automatically filter the crap). It’s $5K in PremiumDomains.com, $250 in bargainDomains.com … $100 in MatureNames.com
    Very low, but still not enough for some sellers so I announce it here, CrapDomains.com is coming soon and here we will accept all the crap.
    Your domain appraise less than $100? No problem, he will soon found a crappy roof!


  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Great stuff, Francois 😀

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