Sexist domainers booed at Domain Conference

Bobbie Lee Smithens is a work-at-home mom from Colorado, spanning 14 years as a domain investor.

She talks about her recent experience at a local domainer conference, where she put up and successfully fought off the comments and advances made by supposedly “seasoned domainers.”

“We had a gathering for us domain folks, at the local YMCA that we rented for the day long conference,” says Bobbie Lee, while brushing her long, blonde hair to the side.

“Things were going well, we had planned an auction at the end and everyone seemed to mingle with other folks just fine. But then some guys made advances on me.” added Bobbie Lee, while crossing her long, smooth legs.

Bobbie Lee Smithens’s ample breasts became the center of attention of two domainer cousins, who started making inappropriate comments as she took the podium.

“They said with boobs that size I’d better be showing some skin,” said Bobbie Lee, looking visibly dejected. “I’m a single mom but that doesn’t mean I’m everyone’s sweetmeat!” she added.

A lot of the sexist comments were published in the Colorado Daily Times, an electronic newspaper, which included the following:

  • “Hey baby, that’s some juicy portfolio you got there!”
  • “Wanna come home and play hide the dot com with me?”
  • “I wish my domain account manager were as hot as you!”

These are just the mild ones, as there are lots of profanities that we could not possibly publish.

Bobbie Lee Smithens plans to bring up the issue of blatant sexism and harassment during the next domainer meeting; she already has the support of several bachelor domainers and the envy of female domainers with less spectacular assets.

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