Shocking report: 95% of all domains are parked

Recent data from .com and .net managers, Verisign, unveil a shocking reality of the Internet: only 5% of all domain names are actual web sites.

With parked or otherwise “for sale” domains representing 95% of all domain registrations, there’s an important issue right there.

“Every damn web site I visit, I see this stupid Sedo thing or some Frank guy from the Caymans, what’s up with that?” asks Internet user and busy blogger grandma, Cynthia Hermione Veil.

“I want to see useful things, not a stack of damn ads pointing to Ugg boots and cheap handbags!” exclaims Veil, visibly dejected.

According to the Verisign report, the downfall of the Internet began with the drop in domain registration prices, from $50 per year, to as low as $8 bucks.

Tens of millions of domains later, the practice of registering domains for PPC revenue has not aided to extensive domain development, leading to the frustration of many.

“All I see is lazy bastards grabbing every damn useful URL on the Internets, leave some for people to actually use for their own rants and raves damn it!” says Cynthia Hermione Veil.

The Verisign report does not include gTLDs or ccTLDs, which would further paint a dismal picture of the Internet, as far as web development is concerned.


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