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Show me the #Bitcoin : A real wallet for your #crypto money

Domain investors that dabble in cryptocurrencies would appreciate a nice related gift this Holiday season.

Whether you invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, the safest place to store it is offline.

In recent years, the appreciation of crypto in price led to the targeting of exchanges by hackers and cybercriminals. Once you lose your crypto, it’s gone for good.

You might recall that phrase, “Show me the money!” from the movie Jerry Maguire. There is now a cryptocurrency equivalent!

Show me the Bitcoin, operating from ShowMeTheBitcoin.com, is a smart product – a wallet that doubles up as paper storage for your precious crypto.

Made from real leather and metal, the “Show me the Bitcoin” wallet looks luxurious and it costs $29.99 – or 0.0018 BTC at the time we checked its price. 😀

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