Smart dog! Winner of Flippa web site auction barks in excitement

Flippa fan, Forkie.

Flippa fan, Forkie.

A French poodle named Forkie is the winner of the Flippa auction for an established web site,

This incredible story of canine intelligence comes as no shock to us; Flippa’s user interface is remarkably easy to use.

“After a short bidding war between three potential buyers, Forkie utilized the “BIN” feature and secured the domain,” said Ophelie Lechat of

“Poodles are by far the smartest dogs, and Forkie was measured to have the equivalent of 145 on the human IQ scale, this domain purchase proves it!” exclaimed Lechat.

The dog’s owner, who was lounging on the sofa watching football at the time, will honor the $750 bid. Forkie is expected to operate the web site once the database is delivered.

It is unclear whether the owner will allow his other two dogs, Tobby and Butch close to his laptop, however; they both seem to have an interest in ‘bitches’ and dog nudity.

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