Software Pirates moving over to .ME is immediately moving its high traffic domain to

One of the most known bit-torrent sites that host millions of pointers to pirated software, is The Pirate Bay.

Despite the continuous attempts by RIAA and MPIAA to bring down the servers of The Pirate Bay and close down its activity, the bit-torrent site has proven to be quite resilient.

While The Pirate Bay operates openly, numerous other such hubs operate on a subscription basis that is by invitation only.

One such web site, has been handing out invitations sparingly. However, Demonoid recently announced that they are moving away from the .COM and they will change their domain to

With European laws against piracy being less tough than those in the US, the operators of Demonoid are possibly aiming at avoiding future trouble by utilizing the Montenegrin TLD. This transition would place Demonoid outside the jurisdiction of US Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the US government agencies that recently seized over 80 domains.

In a similar manner, the operators of bit-torrent search engine Isohunt which is based in Canada, have reserved the .HK domain as a backup, in case the US government decides to seize the .COM.

Software piracy allegedly costs billions of dollars in lost revenue annually, primarily to the publishers; along with pirated music that deprives their creators of lost sales and royalties.

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