Staff changes at Domain Holdings?

There seem to be a few changes at Domain Holdings, the premier domain brokering company headquartered in Florida.

Comparing the current Domain Holdings team page, to one cached from March 19, several key players are surprisingly missing.

While this might be an internal decision based on restructuring the web site’s contents, we observed the following changes, by comparing the current page to the recent version:


  • Alan Dunn, managing director, is no longer listed. There is no change to his LinkedIn page.
  • Giuseppe Graziano, director of business development for Europe, is no longer listed. His LinkedIn page shows that he’s no longer at Domain Holdings.
  • Melissa Ucros, senior domain analyst, is no longer listed. Her LinkedIn profile page shows no change of employment.
  • Tracy Fogarty, senior premium domain name broker, is no longer listed. Her profile page at LinkedIn shows no change of employment, but her personal page has been removed from Domain Holdings.

As always, changes are part of life; employment is only a temporary state and a time comes that employees and employers terminate their relationship.

Hopefully, all these great people will continue to provide great services, wherever they are employed at.

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