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Stalker Brokerage : When the #domain WHOIS is not enough


Imagine wanting a domain name bad enough, that stalking its owner is the only option.

While it sounds like an outright creepy thing to do, such an approach is legitimate in many Western countries and parts of the middle East.

Stalker Brokerage helps you find that domain owner – Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Stalker Brokerage is a new domain name acquisition powerhouse, founded by domain broker veterans, Rufus Stalker and his brother Poseidon Stalker. The enterprising brothers are based outside of the US, to take advantage of local laws, while stalking premium domain name owners on behalf of their rich clients.

“The process is simple: if you want us to get you the name of a domain’s owner, we’ll do it for the right price – even if the owner doesn’t want to,” says Rufus Stalker.

“Money is a great motivator, and at Stalker Brokerage we will go to great lengths – within the provisions of the local law – to get you in touch with the domain owner,” added Stalker.

The Stalker brothers explained some basics of their extraordinary domain owner location process.

  • Scour all social media profiles, follow their followers and send them a mass email about bringing them in touch.
  • Use fake LinkedIn accounts to offer high paying jobs to their target.
  • Driving up to their address in a minivan with Amazon Prime decals and ringing on their doorbell.
  • Finding out their girlfriend’s bestie’s daughter’s school teacher, and arranging a private meeting.
  • Painting the target’s address from the WHOIS in big numbers on their driveway so that Google Maps won’t miss it.

The Stalker Brokerage operates 24/7 and they have achieved some great numbers so far this year.

Says Poseidon Stalker:

“We found that a premium LLL .com domain was owned by a sweet grandma that had dementia, her son was happy to get $1,000 off his mother’s medical costs. In another case, the owner finally agreed to a sale, after we promised not to contact him or his employer ever again with photos of his manscaping – that was a sweet deal.”

Budding domain brokers eager to replicate the outright success of Stalker Brokerage, should remember that some of these practices can be deemed unlawful in your local community; always check with an attorney first, before making more than 20 phone calls in a row to secure that premium domain name.

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