Startups.CO launched by Fundable founder

Wil Schroter, founder of

Wil Schroter, founder of

The dot .CO namespace is about to explode, with the launch of – a platform that will serve as a hub for launching startups. becomes the parent brand of several other services, such as Launchrock and Clarity, where startup founders can get personal advice from experts in every field.

According to Wil Schroter, founder and CEO of, more than 10,000 experts have joined Clarity, spending more than 181,026 minutes on the phone helping entrepreneurs last year.

Schroter mentioned the following about the launch of the hub:

“ will serve as a central community to bring together our 13 million registered users to help connect Clarity, Fundable, Bizplan, Killer Startups and Launchrock with a more unified voice.

We’ll also feature the best content and startups from across our platforms, whether it’s live experts on Clarity, newly discovered startups from Killer Startups, or brilliant new products coming from Fundable.

Oh, and we’ll feature a ton of original content from Founders like Peter Thiel, who will be speaking live to our audience of 825,000 startups on February 9th.”

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