Charlotte Mckinney : Beauty and the dot .CO

Stunning model Charlotte Mckinney has been busting out with popularity in recent months; the Orlando, Florida native has been compared to Kate Upton due to her natural good looks. Both share a similar physical appearance and are the same age; Charlotte Mckinney stands out for one more reason: She owns a dot .CO domain for […]

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Singapore property company 99.CO gets seven figure investment

Leading venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, invested $1.6 million dollars in 99.CO, a Singapore based company focusing on real estate. Valued at $8 million USD, 99.CO announced that Facebook co-founder, Eduardo Saverin, contributed part of the investment as well. The company takes a stab at the regional market of Singapore and its direct competition, by […]

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Startups.CO launched by Fundable founder

The dot .CO namespace is about to explode, with the launch of – a platform that will serve as a hub for launching startups. becomes the parent brand of several other services, such as Launchrock and Clarity, where startup founders can get personal advice from experts in every field. According to Wil Schroter, […]

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Lucky domain: Number 8.CO auction at $36,000 currently

The auction for the premium numeric domain 8.CO is ongoing at the Heritage Auctions; the current bid of $36,000 dollars is a clear indication of its anticipated result. To any potential Chinese domain investors, domains with the number “8” are considered very appealing, as the number 8 is associated with the Chinese equivalent for “prosperity” […]

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Social media newcomer Ello: We’ll never show ads and here’s why

Social media newcomer, Ello, launched on the principle of not storing personal data and displaying no ads. Operating from, the company appears to have taken the noble cause of its existence rather seriously, and converted into a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), in the state of Delaware. Here’s the full announcement: Ello is a simple, […]

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By invitation only: Social media newcomer Ello built on .CO

Social media newcomer, Ello, is a private and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers. Ello, operating from the domain, can be joined by invitation only. What sets Ello apart, is its promise for an ad-free environment, and a policy that opposes the gathering of personal data: “Virtually every […]

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Polarr : New browser based app chose dot .CO as its domain realm

There are several online photo editors available on the Internet, but it seems that this one is different. Aimed at photo professionals and enthusiasts, Polarr provides a kit of advanced editing tools that we have not seen elsewhere. Currently in beta, Polarr and its assorted web site offers photo editing features that allow for […]

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Dot .CO goes well with Skully Systems and its revolutionary bike helmet

Skully Systems is paving the way for the future, as far as a new generation of motorcycle (bike) helmets go. Featuring a rear view camera, heads up display (HUD), GPS and other revolutionary features, makes the manufacturers of Skully AR-1 a hot commodity in the startup business. The Skully AR-1 helmet is highly weather resistant. […]

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Dot .CO Registry: Active .com domains might corrode with time

A shocking new report from the Dot .CO Registry, managers of the dot .CO domains, reveals the real problems behind everyone’s beloved dot .com. The research, published at MicroDots Weekly, reveals that dot .com domains that remain active 24/7 as web sites, lose a crucial part of their microcode over time. “Without the microcommander module […]

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If you want a short “bush”, you can’t go wrong with – one letter shorter than the non-resolving .com. For over 50 years, Bush Industries, is a leading manufacturer of case goods and ready-to-assemble furniture designed for office and home applications. The company registered the domain as soon as the dot .CO Registry […]

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Considered the “crown jewel” keyword in any TLD, the domain name changed hands in early January of this year, according to historic WHOIS data from DomainTools. While it probably did not reach the reported sale of for $3 million USD, probably fetched a pretty penny in a yet undocumented sale. Its current […]

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