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Social media newcomer Ello: We’ll never show ads and here’s why

Social media newcomer, Ello, launched on the principle of not storing personal data and displaying no ads. Operating from Ello.co, the company appears to have taken the noble cause of its existence rather seriously, and converted into a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC), in the state of Delaware. Here’s the full announcement: Ello is a simple, […]

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Owdy dot .CO : New Social Media network wants to dethrone Facebook

Owdy is yet another social media network created on dot .CO somewhere in the midwest, we reckon. According to the web site on Owdy.co, here’s the profile of the up and coming heir to the Facebook throne: “Owdy is a bleeding edge groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting, next-level social network game changer built on the premise of synergistic […]

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By invitation only: Social media newcomer Ello built on .CO

Social media newcomer, Ello, is a private and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers. Ello, operating from the domain Ello.co, can be joined by invitation only. What sets Ello apart, is its promise for an ad-free environment, and a policy that opposes the gathering of personal data: “Virtually every […]

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