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Dot .CO Registry: Active .com domains might corrode with time


Dot .CO domains are safe from data corruption.

A shocking new report from the Dot .CO Registry, managers of the dot .CO domains, reveals the real problems behind everyone’s beloved dot .com.

The research, published at MicroDots Weekly, reveals that dot .com domains that remain active 24/7 as web sites, lose a crucial part of their microcode over time.

“Without the microcommander module that only dot .CO domains are equipped with, other TLDs such as .com, .net and even .org are prone to data loss when used actively,” said Mary Sanchez-Suarez of the Dot .CO Registry.

In simple terms, what that means is that if you host web sites on .com domains, your best bet is to let them “rest” once in a while, or the domain itself will lose data that might lead to eventual corruption at the domain Registrar.

“Such implementation is necessary these days; back in the early stages of the .com most domains were inactive or had zero traffic. With .CO you are safe no matter what!” exclaimed Mary Sanchez-Suarez, smiling.

Indeed, dot .CO domains are used by thousands of start-ups and millions of individuals eager to type one less character at the end.

For more information, visit Go.CO.

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