Sunday shocker : Mike Robertson no longer with Domain Guardians!

Mike Robertson.

Mike Robertson, Business Development Director at DNC Holdings, Inc.

Mike Robertson, co-founder of Domain Guardians, is no longer with the company.

The Australian native has had a successful career with and is currently in full swing with Directnic, which celebrated its 15th anniversary recently.

As co-founder of Domain Guardians along with Jen Sale and Adam Strong, Mike Robertson has had some impressive domain acquisitions and brokerage involvement under his belt.

One of which is the domain, which was acquired from Wells Fargo, on behalf of domain investor and business partner, Adam Strong.

During the past week, Jen Sale, COO at Evergreen and Adam Strong, co-founder at Evergreen, completed the acquisition of Mike Robertson’s share with Domain Guardians.

Details of this transaction shall remain confidential, and Mike Robertson is no longer with Domain Guardians. We uncovered this from a change in his LinkedIn profile. will be focusing on domain acquisitions, a task that clashed with the focus of Domain Guardians, and naturally, Mike Robertson decided to move on.

We wish Mike Robertson all the best in his personal and professional endeavors, along with his day to day involvement as a Business Development Director at DNC Holdings, Inc.

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