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Surface Studio : Microsoft announces revolutionary desktop without the matching .com domain

Microsoft Surface Studio.

Microsoft Surface Studio.

Microsoft announced the Surface Studio, a revolutionary, immersive desktop with a 28″ touch sensitive screen.

Aimed primarily at content creators, designers and creative professionals, the ultra-thin device arrives at a premium price: $2,999 dollars, with beefier options going up to $4,199 dollars.

The Surface Studio works with the Microsoft Surface Pen, and the new Surface Dial, a jogger device that can be rotated to control various functions, both off and on-screen.

With all that in mind, it’s important to point out that the Microsoft Surface Studio arrives without the matching .com.

In fact, the domain SurfaceStudio.com was registered in 2000, all while the current owners claim first use of the business in 1996.

“Located in the center of New York City’s photo district and making beautiful backgrounds since 1996, SURFACE STUDIO is the world’s best and largest rental inventory of real, hard surface backgrounds, created specifically for advertising, catalog, product and editorial photography.

In addition to our surface inventory, our photo and video production studio, Surface Studio Photo/Video offers a full range of professional still life and video imaging services for print, web, and TV. Our 1,500 square foot studio is located just nine floors below the original Surface Studio. We are committed to providing you high quality image production at low cost.”

No doubt, SurfaceStudio.com will be receiving increased traffic from today, as people searching for the Microsoft Surface Studio would be typing in the exact match.

Also, some “enterprising” person from China, has registered the domain SurfaceDial.com.

Watch the video below for more information on the Surface Studio by Microsoft.

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One Response to “Surface Studio : Microsoft announces revolutionary desktop without the matching .com domain”
  1. Ido Mains says:

    They are using the new domain Surface.Studio which is shorter, more appealing and unique than its .com counterpart.

    Search is changing.

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