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Surface Studio : Microsoft using Rightside gTLD domain for brand new computer

Microsoft revealed Surface Studio, a revolutionary, slim desktop computer aimed at creative individuals. The product will be rolled out in early 2017 and Microsoft is already taking preorders, although not via the matching .com domain! As SurfaceStudio.com belongs to a company creating backdrops for photographers, Microsoft went with Surface.Studio, a gTLD managed by Rightside. The […]

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Surface Studio : Microsoft announces revolutionary desktop without the matching .com domain

Microsoft announced the Surface Studio, a revolutionary, immersive desktop with a 28″ touch sensitive screen. Aimed primarily at content creators, designers and creative professionals, the ultra-thin device arrives at a premium price: $2,999 dollars, with beefier options going up to $4,199 dollars. The Surface Studio works with the Microsoft Surface Pen, and the new Surface […]

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