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Surface Studio : Microsoft using Rightside gTLD domain for brand new computer

Microsoft using a dot .Studio domain.

Microsoft using a dot .Studio domain.

Microsoft revealed Surface Studio, a revolutionary, slim desktop computer aimed at creative individuals.

The product will be rolled out in early 2017 and Microsoft is already taking preorders, although not via the matching .com domain!

As SurfaceStudio.com belongs to a company creating backdrops for photographers, Microsoft went with Surface.Studio, a gTLD managed by Rightside.

The domain was registered a year ago, and it currently points to Bing, the search engine owned by Microsoft, with a search keyword of “Surface.” Naturally, the results are about the Microsoft range of products.

New gTLDs offer the opportunity to businesses and individuals to form meaningful domains, consisting of a keyword+gTLD pair.

There are just under 18,000 dot .Studio domains, according to ntldstats.

For more information on the dot .Studio gTLD, visit nic.Studio.

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2 Responses to “Surface Studio : Microsoft using Rightside gTLD domain for brand new computer”
  1. Now the domain displays 503, service unavailable.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Frank – Looks like a temporary glitch? Works just fine for me.

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