Symbolics .com accepted by the Smithsonian Institution

Digital Dinosaurs through the Ages - at the Smithsonian.

Digital Dinosaurs through the Ages – at the Smithsonian.

Breaking news on an unprecedented  honor for the domain community of entrepreneurs:

The domain name, has been accepted by the Smithsonian Institution, as part of its “Digital Dinosaurs through the Ages” collection.

“I feel like being on cloud nine, first the Heritage auction performing ten times better than any large domain conference in recent memory, then this!” exclaimed Aron Meystedt, owner of the oldest .com in the known universe.

The Smithsonian Institution reached out to several domain investors, owners of aged domain names, and became the “golden chalice” of the exhibit.

“This extraordinary relic from the pre-Internet era is an important piece of American history,” said Paul Reniere of the Smithsonian.

“Today, there are notions that ICANN intends to dilute this history, by calling for shared control of the Internet with other nations; this is probably the best time to alert American technocrats via our exhibit,” added Reniere.

Digital Dinosaurs through the Ages opens its gates on Monday. Tickets are available at a discount at



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