Tesla recall .Club : Colin CampbelI shocked over Tesla Model X notification

After months of waiting, dot .CLUB’s Colin Campbell got to enjoy his new Tesla Model X for a handful of days.

In one of the tweets he shared a photo of his dog, riding along.

Alas, the highly-coveted super SUV was just hit by a mandatory recall, issued by Tesla.

All Tesla Model X SUV cars manufactured before March 26th are recalled to fix an issue with the 3rd row of seats.


Naturally, Colin Campbell is quite shocked by the news, and he’s launching a new venture, TeslaRecall.CLUB.

“It’s ridiculous that I had to wait this long for a damn electric car, only to get to enjoy it for just a few days,” said Colin Campbell.

“You’d think they test those toys before we get to board them, real lives might be in danger, you know!” he added, looking dejected.

Let’s hope the necessary fixes are done in a timely fashion.

For more info on the recall of the Tesla Model X, click here.

Colin Campbell's Tesla Model X before the recall notice.

Colin Campbell’s Tesla Model X before the recall notice.

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