Thanksgiving: Bad Florida weather to freeze blog posts and traffic in the peninsula

Thanksgiving is that special season every year to gather around a turkey-centric dinner with family and friends, and experience Black Friday extreme fights at the stores.

Due to the extreme weather conditions in Florida, many domainers and bloggers local to the Sunshine State openly raised their concerns, while the Dot .CO registry handed out snow shovels and orange shirts to all employees.

Florida weather looks pretty bad just about now.

Florida weather looks pretty bad just about now.

Conditions are not looking good down south:

“Folks, at 10 mph winds and 75 degrees, this is clearly Old Man Winter conditions, and my posts about reverse domain name hijackers and joint ventures will be limited,” said the Domain King, Rick Schwartz.

Video and media guru, Danny Pryor, expressed his concern as well:

“I’ve been tracking gas prices and we’re expecting a fluctuation at pumps that will put Bitcoin volatility to shame! The oil cartels do that every holiday season, no doubt!”

Miami resident, Owen Frager, expressed his frustration about the plummeting Florida temperatures, but did not seem to be phased:

“Work never stops at Frager Creative and rest assured I will do my best to blog during this horrible Florida weather, even if I have to wear a turtleneck sweater and mittens!”

Further north, developer Tia Wood, was already tossing more wood into her fireplace in anticipation of the first Florida flurries in a decade:

“Let’s hope nobody freezes tonight, there are people out there walking in shorts and sandals with temperatures dropping in the low 60’s – they are probably insane!”

Here in Central Florida we are committed to bring you the news, even with a short delay during Thanksgiving, despite the hostile conditions and polar weather we’ll be fighting against.

Kidding aside, wishing everyone a happy, safe Thanksgiving with your family and friends!



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