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The Gucciardo Law Firm : Embracing the value of new gTLDs

In an interview with attorney Charles Gucciardo of The Gucciardo Law Firm, PLLC, Rightside discusses his interest in new TLDs; Mr. Gucciardo apparently spent over $500,000 dollars acquiring new gTLD domains related to his business.

How many domains would you estimate that you’ve registered?

Sixty to seventy at the moment. As soon as I get the first one up and running nationally, I will be doing the same for many that I have purchased.

How much have you invested in new TLDs thus far?

Over half a million dollars.

Why have you invested financially in these domains? What kind of return are you expecting on that investment?

When I first started buying TLDs it was only to establish these sites as a way to increase my law firm’s exposure on the web. However, as I became more involved, it quickly became evident that the increase in value of some of these one of a kind commodities was undeniable.

The platform is what I call a Google magnet. So I went from no expectation of increase or return to knowing that these addresses are like real property and the value and appreciation will depend of course on the exact TLD, its level of desirability, and application to an end user much like property being valued by location, location, location.

Perhaps the TLDs should be called a “Fee Simple Absolute” in cyberspace. There is no question that the web is not going away anytime soon and, as such, these specialized TLDs will continue to increase in value and should be part of any reasonable investor’s portfolio.

For the full interview, visit the Rightside blog.

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