Tim Schoon’s massive LLLL .com sale on eBay delivered great results!

Dutch domain investor, Tim Schoon, shared with us the results of a massive domain sale.

Instead of going through domain brokers, online domain auction houses or other such venues, Tim chose eBay for the sale of his 150-strong domain portfolio.

Consisting primarily of LLLL .com domains, many of which were the “chips” variety, the Godfather of Chips made a killing.

The revenue from the domain sales was a massive $71,275.86 dollars.

Whoah! 😀

eBay - not just for selling cheap perfume and old pants.

eBay – not just for selling cheap perfume and old pants.

Considering how Tim paid between $20 to $30 dollars each for most of the domains, he made out pretty good.

A couple of domains were sold with a marginal loss but overall it’s good profit, according to Tim.

While selling domains on eBay isn’t for everyone, Tim’s auctions were listed without a reserve.

Before you follow down the same path, make sure your domains are highly liquid, as in this case.

Congratulations, Tim! 😀

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