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Domainland : MelaniaNaked.com hits eBay

Another day, another “fun” demonstration of domain entrepreneurship, as MelaniaNaked.com has hit eBay. Ugh. Melania Trump is the US First Lady, and just like her husband, president Donald Trump, has shown her ability to be litigious. Blogs and publications that asserted she was of “questionable ethics” during her fashion modeling years, were duly sued, for […]

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Crap domains : IDN strings pretending to be premium .com

The trick is not new, and IDN domains have been used several times in the past in a way that distorts their intended purpose: to utilize words in different languages. Using “foreign” character sets other than Latin, IDN domains can be created by characters that visually resemble “English” words. Although Latin and IDN cannot be […]

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Tim Schoon’s massive LLLL .com sale on eBay delivered great results!

Dutch domain investor, Tim Schoon, shared with us the results of a massive domain sale. Instead of going through domain brokers, online domain auction houses or other such venues, Tim chose eBay for the sale of his 150-strong domain portfolio. Consisting primarily of LLLL .com domains, many of which were the “chips” variety, the Godfather […]

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