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#Kobe domains on eBay show outlandish expectations of rookie #domainers

Kobe domains are being offered on eBay, for thousands of dollars. These domain names are referencing Kobe Bryant’s legacy and fame, and his untimely death. We’ve already pointed out that such domain registrations are not only unbecoming of Kobe fans, they are demonstrations of unethical attitude towards the pain and suffering of Kobe Bryant’s family. […]

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Hugh Hefner’s wedding called off – Domainers rejoice

A change of heart – or perhaps, the mobilization of fresh new braincells – caused Hugh Hefner’s fiancee to call off the Playboy wedding. The 25 year old Crystal Harris, already six decades younger than the Playboy mogul apparently decided that she’d rather stay away from Viagra-induced sex with a man the age of her […]

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Domainfest ‘flu’ was not a virus – says doctor

Domain blogging hit rock bottom during and after Domainfest. The ultra-successful domain conference and Playboy Mansion fiesta gathered more than 700 domainers during its three days. The rewards of attending the show were many, however some domainers complained of dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, vomiting, sneezing, dry throat, oily palms and nocturnal emissions as soon […]

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