Hugh Hefner’s wedding called off – Domainers rejoice

A change of heart – or perhaps, the mobilization of fresh new braincells – caused Hugh Hefner’s fiancee to call off the Playboy wedding.

The 25 year old Crystal Harris, already six decades younger than the Playboy mogul apparently decided that she’d rather stay away from Viagra-induced sex with a man the age of her grandfather.

Meanwhile, thousands of domainers around the world and on the US West Coast in particular, rejoiced.

The reason: getting even with Hugh about the Playboy Mansion incident, that caused the notorious “domainer flu” earlier this year.

“Suits him right, the old fart!”, exclaimed Pete Pippin, a domainer from Colorado.

“I had the runs and high fever for seven days, when I entered that germ-laden stink hole that’s called the Mansion’s whirlpool. We should have pressed charges then, but we didn’t out of respect for Hugh’s status. Now that the faux blonde left him, isn’t that God’s way to punish the dirtbag?”, he added.

Many domainers who got sick during the Domainfest party at the Playboy Mansion still dread to remember the days of high fever and pain caused by Legionnaire’s, which was aptly called “domainer flu”, “playboy flu” or “domainfest flu”.

We are certain that Hugh Hefner won’t shed a tear over the running away of his bride but instead he’d pop a couple of blue pills and get in the Playboy Mansion whirlpool with yet another Playboy bunny with silicone breasts. 😀

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