Domainfest ‘flu’ was not a virus – says doctor

Domain blogging hit rock bottom during and after Domainfest. The ultra-successful domain conference and Playboy Mansion fiesta gathered more than 700 domainers during its three days.

The rewards of attending the show were many, however some domainers complained of dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, vomiting, sneezing, dry throat, oily palms and nocturnal emissions as soon as the conference ended.

Was it the flu?

Dr. Hugh Jorgan is a professor at St. Paul’s University Clinic in Santa Barbara, California. A few domainers went there to be examined after the show; Dr. Jorgan analyzed urine samples and has come to the conclusion it was not the flu.

“Those symptoms are very much like the flu that can be spread during conferences and mass gatherings”, said Dr. Jorgan.

“A large number of the specimens were consistent with the flu strand H1P1 – the common flu. But others were not.”

So what was that mysterious illness that hit more than one third of the Domainfest attendants, according to DNJournal?

“It was most likely due to a combination of too much food, too much alcohol, not enough sleep and many unprotected sexual encounters during that 72 hour period”, says Dr. Jorgan.

“I would not be surprised if 9 months from now we see an increase in births among domainers; we should also be able to observe an increase of maternity leaves at various companies that provide services to domainers”, added Dr. Hugh Jorgan.

Domainers are advised to behave their best when gathering in large numbers; carrying sanitizing lotion or avoiding the exchange of bodily fluids is also a good practice, especially during the winter months.

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