Toys ‘R’ Us potentially in Chapter 11 : What generic domains do they own?

Toys ‘R’ Us is reportedly in the process of filing a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, with a debt of $5 billion dollars.

The retailer has 1,600 stores and has been working with an investment bank to address a debt of $400 million dollars due next year.

Securing such a loan would reassure the Toys ‘R’ Us vendors it could pay them for the numerous stuffed animals, action figures and dolls it needs to stock up for the upcoming holiday season.

Toys ‘R’ Us owns almost 1,000 domain names, mostly variants of its brands in a number of TLDs and ccTLDs, and IDN domains.

As many as 235 domains contain a dash, such as these domains below:

More than 700 domains do not contain a dash, as seen in this partial list below:

We found 21 domains that are of adult nature, despite the store not selling such items:

Toys ‘R’ Us owns a small number of short, aged, generic domains and unless the company folded completely, they would continue to be owned and operated as before.

The most important domain appears to be which does not resolve. The holding company of Toys ‘R’ Us is Geoffrey LLC.

Other important domains are: (does not resolve) (does not resolve)

So basically, Toys ‘R’ Us does not own a large portfolio of generic domain names, opting to focusing on their brand instead.

Maybe that’s part of the problem?

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