#Twitter, #Meta, #Redfin: Track tech startup #layoffs with Layoffs.fyi

Meta announced today it’s laying off 13% of its workforce, for a total of 11,000 employees. Also today, Redfin dropped 862 of its employees while announcing it’ll stop flipping homes. Last week, Twitter lost 3,700 of its workforce, roughly one in two employees had to go. Thanks, Elon.

Layoffs are never fun as companies reorganize; it’s part of the corporate process in the US and globally. Companies acquire talent when it’s needed and drop it when the finances are tight. In-between, employees produce labor and get compensated accordingly.

Layoffs.fyi keeps track of tech startup layoffs and lists of employees laid off to give them exposure to companies that are still hiring.

The web site at Layoffs.fyi rides on a “funky” new gTLD, .fyi, for your information. Consider it the new “.info” and it’s a gTLD operated by Identity Digital, formerly known as Donuts.

Out of roughly 50,000 .fyi domain names registered, Layoffs.fyi is most likely the most famous .fyi domain and reminds us of the web site FuckedCompany.com after the Dot com bubble in the 2000s.

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4 Responses to “#Twitter, #Meta, #Redfin: Track tech startup #layoffs with Layoffs.fyi”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Horrible domain and business concept. Why do I care how many people is getting released from their jobs. It’s an honest question. How can i benefit from knowing this information. Whoever owns this should try something else because this isn’t it.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Anonymous – You need to understand the methodology of software engineers: the domain is not that relevant, the app is. There’s always a reason to gather and present structured data. For example, would you not care to see how many people contacted Covid19, where it spread, how many died etc. In this case we have thousands of laid off workers that would love to get re-hired, network, or simply vent off on their experience. IMO the only think missing from the web site at Layoffs.fyi is a public forum.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Covid-19 data is useful information to prepare and prevent future viruses and study how people are effected over time that caught the virus and can be used for many more purposes. Help me understand why a list of people who has been laid off is of value to a company. Who benefits from it? Why would companies browse a list of former employees of a company for their next hire, instead of going through their regular screening process of finding new employees. Unless they previously had important titles the value really isn’t there, in my opinion. I am not trying to be cynical, I’m just saying I don’t get the business model. I think If there is any value in that concept, it’s very little.

  4. DomainGang says:

    Anonymous – It’s not a business model necessarily. Not everything on the internet intends to make money. The developer of layoffs.fyi most likely created it as proof of concept, as a programming challenge, or as a means of preserving data and how it’s interconnected.

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