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Two letter domains : DI.com has been sold to the Chinese


LL .com domain market.

Late last week we reported the incredible research domain investor George Kirikos has been doing; his insight regarding the two letter .com market has been invaluable.

Kirikos unveiled the sale of LasVegas.com for $90 million dollars, over the course of 35 years. His announcement via twitter shifted the focus, temporarily, away from the two letter .com market.

Not surprisingly, George Kirikos mentioned that another premium two letter .com domain changed hands, and that announcement was buried among the fireworks of the LasVegas.com sale.

DI.com apparently got sold, yet again to a Chinese domain buyer. According to Kirikos, who keeps track of ownership data for LL .com domains:

“If one more 2-letter .com heads to China, they’ll break 20% (currently at 135 of 676 by my count, 19.97%).”

The two letter .com market is a lucrative, corporate market that attracts buyers in China, at prices far exceeding any other type of “liquid domain” investments.

Many thanks to George Kirikos, for continuing to analyze an important domain market.



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3 Responses to “Two letter domains : DI.com has been sold to the Chinese”
  1. Hire.Domains says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier to show us the names that aren’t sold to the Chinese

  2. DomainGang says:

    Kevin – I know the pain, can’t have DG.com either 😀

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