#UDRP filing cost to increase at the National Arbitration Forum

The fee schedule of the National Arbitration Forum (NAF) gets a price increase on October 1st, along with other new rules on UDRP disputes.

According to an announcement by NAF, the following updates are effective at the beginning of next month:

  • Rule 1(d) will be changed to reflect the current practice of requiring the amendment of the complaint to include the registration information received from the registrar;
  • Rule 5 will be amended to similarly rely upon the Respondent’s email address as provided by the Registrar;
  • Rule 7 regarding additional submissions will be amended to reflect the practice of other providers and removes the additional submission fee;
  • Finally, the fee schedule will be amended to increase the filing fee by $30 for each filing.

NAF implemented the changes to the UDRP and other Supplemental Rules, to align with current processes as a result of GDPR and other privacy issues and to address some reoccurring procedural issues encountered in the past.

The UDRP process turns 20 years old in October as well.

You can read about the details here.

The UDRP turns twenty. Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

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