Uniregistry adding “Domain Archive” to its extended toolchest

Uniregistry announced the introduction of its Domain Archive, as part of one’s registrar account.

The Domain Archive acts as a repository of domains that expired. You can get to it from the “Manage” section of your Uniregistry account.


Domain Archive.

While not exactly revolutionary, the new Domain Archive expands the Uniregistry domain panel and its available tools.

If you are forgetful and want to keep an eye on domains that might have expired but you changed your mind about, this one is for you.

You might also come across domains that expired and dropped, and are available for re-registration.

According to the Domain Archive, there are 2 types of restorable domains:

Restorable: The domain is in the Redemption Period and is available to be restored. If you restore the domain it will be inserted into your account for another year.

Available for Re-Registration: The domain has been released back into general availability and no one has registered it yet. You can go ahead and re-register it immediately.

There are also 2 types of non-restorable domains that might appear in the Domain Archive:

Unrestorable: The domain is past the Redemption Period and is in Pending Delete status. No action can be performed on this domain until it is released by the registry.

Not Available: The domain has been registered by someone else after being released into general availability. Click the to perform a WHOIS lookup and see who the new owner is.

For more information, head over to Domain Archive at Uniregistry.

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