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Web #Design Museum : Party like it’s 1995

The Web Design Museum has been storing web design trends between 1995 and 2005. It all started in the Czech Republic in 1996, when Petr Kovar first logged onto the Internet from his parents’ home. Checking the Internet for a maximum two hours a day, Kovar would visit web sites such as Kodak, Reebok, Adidas, […]

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Domain Micro Manager : Get things done with your precious portfolio

One of this year’s biggest domain products didn’t make it to NamesCon. Domain Micro Manager, the new platform that automates domain renewals across more than 1,517 ICANN-accredited Registrars and 1,270 new gTLDs, is a big hit among both the new, and the savvy domainers. Boasting a 45% increase in renewal conversion rates, Domain Micro Manager […]

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Uniregistry adding “Domain Archive” to its extended toolchest

Uniregistry announced the introduction of its Domain Archive, as part of one’s registrar account. The Domain Archive acts as a repository of domains that expired. You can get to it from the “Manage” section of your Uniregistry account. While not exactly revolutionary, the new Domain Archive expands the Uniregistry domain panel and its available tools. […]

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