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Domain Micro Manager : Get things done with your precious portfolio

One of this year’s biggest domain products didn’t make it to NamesCon.

Domain Micro Manager, the new platform that automates domain renewals across more than 1,517 ICANN-accredited Registrars and 1,270 new gTLDs, is a big hit among both the new, and the savvy domainers.

Boasting a 45% increase in renewal conversion rates, Domain Micro Manager has an amazingly small footprint of 48kb, and can be installed on iOS and Android devices, along with the Commodore Amiga 500.

“We developed a platform that real old timers in the domain industry, aka ‘foggy ears’ would appreciate,” said one of the developers, Johan Sebastian Strauss.

“The Domain Micro Manager ensures your domains are up to date, and point to the penny-making PPC landers of your choice. Of course, the main benefit is its micro-managing abilities, nagging you endlessly when you don’t renew a particular domain,” added Strauss.

Indeed, constant alerts and even physical threats pop up on the user’s screen, as an effective method to securing the owner’s domain portfolio; once the domains are added to your Domain Micro Manager, the only way to terminate the alerts is to delete the software, or smash your device.

Domain Micro Manager has just 2 settings, “ON” and “OFF” and that seems to work well with the millennials that aren’t used to complicated things in life.

“As long as you have a portfolio of under 100,000 domains, our Domain Micro Manager will perform flawlessly,” said Johan Sebastian Strauss, adding: “We can also micro-manage your larger domain portfolios with our mega custom solutions. Frank Schilling, call us!”

Domain Micro Manager costs only $14.95 per year and can be downloaded from the Old Tucows Archive, the Google Bin or the Really Dark Web.

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2 Responses to “Domain Micro Manager : Get things done with your precious portfolio”
  1. Jeff Manes says:

    Great to see the Amiga is getting some coding love.

  2. TLDnic says:

    All eyes are now on the modding scene, hoping for a dev to port it to the C64.

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