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Uniregistry Domain Cleaner service : Disinfecting domains on the fly!

Uniregistry Domain Cleaner; disinfect your domains.

Uniregistry Domain Cleaner; disinfect your domains.

When you catch an expired domain at the drop, how do you know it’s 100% safe?

Short answer: you don’t.

Uniregistry, the domain registry and registrar was built from the ground up to eradicate such problems.

“When you transfer a domain to us, or when you use the new Uniregistry Domain Cleaner service, you can rest assured that the domain will be germ-free,” said Frank Schilling, founder and CEO of Uniregistry.

“Forget about the ebola or the zika virus, or the ever-persistent flu – there’s no such risk when you use Uniregistry and our new Uniregistry Domain Cleaner service,” added Schilling, smiling.

Tens of thousands of domains enter the secondary market daily, after they dropped and were caught again. One can only imagine the amount of germs that previous owners passed onto these domains, and it’s a huge safety concern for many domain investors.

“Every time I sit down for a quick meal, I wash my hands. Imagine, if I had to do the same thing every time I edited a previously owned domain, I’d need buckets of disinfectant!” exclaimed Frank Schilling, adding: “With Uniregistry Domain Cleaner we’ll do the dirty deed, cheap – just for you!”

Uniregistry Domain Cleaner launches as soon as they finish off with the Uniregistry Market app for Android.

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