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Uniregistry Market : A window to a portfolio of 500,000 reserved domains opens!


Uniregistry announced its reserved domain marketplace opening today; aptly named: Uniregistry Market.

Interfacing with at least 25 Registrars currently, the Uniregistry Market creates a distribution network for a little over 500,000 domain names that were previously reserved.


Uniregistry Market opens.

Vern Jurovich, Chief Operating Officer at Uniregistry, told us that the current lot comprises of the North Sound Names domain portfolio, and the personal portfolio of Uniregistry founder, Frank Schilling.

By making these previously reserved domains available through the Uniregistry Market, participating Registrars display either a “buy it now” price, or provide a method to place an offer on existing domains, when searched for. The process then completes via Domain Name Sales, using the intra-Registry transfer, which is instant.

For these domains with a BIN price, the figure was determined by analyzing quotes from the past 180 days. The option to make an offer is managed by each Registrar independently.

In the coming months, the Uniregistry Market will open to third parties, allowing domain investors to promote their domains through the network of participating Registrars.

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