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Uniregistry: Offer from beyond the grave handled with grace


Unaware that an offer was being made from beyond the grave, an expert Uniregistry broker handling the case sent out a tacky response:

“Did my emails get buried?”

Typically, this mildly shocking question is supposed to engage a domain buyer, who has fallen out of communicating with a domain broker.

In this case, there was silence for a quite some time.

On Sunday, an email arrived, stating the following:

“Dear Jim,

I regret to inform you that as of last week, I am no longer alive.

After I had a few drinks to celebrate this expected domain acquisition, I fell and hit my head hard against my Apple mac. Typically, it should have cushioned my fall but in recent years their construction isn’t solid, as Apple prefers to make them thinner and thinner.

As a result, I bit my tongue quite hard and passed out, eventually swallowing it partially and never regaining consciousness due to an obstructed air pipe.

I’m very sorry that your emails are indeed buried, for I am only having a rather basic Wi-Fi here at the First Regional Cemetery. It’ll suffice, I suppose, for I cannot submit payment any longer, however I do enjoy the occasional email exchange, as long as I can move a finger.

My very best regards,


Without a doubt, that must have been a rather awkward moment for the experienced domain broker, and we are confident that this might lead to a change of response messages sent by Uniregistry brokers, when their buyer is unresponsive.

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