Uniregistry on .XYZ domains : Automatic renewals are set to OFF


Uniregistry has notified holders of .XYZ domains that were registered during last year’s “penny promo” that auto-renewals are disabled.

A year ago, the .XYZ registry allowed the registration of .XYZ domains for $0.01, resulting in almost 3 million registrations.

Being able to register 1000 .XYZ domains for $10 bucks has consequences. At around $12 a pop, these domains would cost $12 grand to renew!

Uniregistry sent out an email that all .XYZ domains registered during the promotion of last year – about 1.5 millionwill not renew automatically.

Here is part of the Uniregistry email below:

Auto Renew is turned off on [number] of your .XYZ domains

We want to make you aware that [number] .XYZ domains you purchased on promotion will expire soon.

The renewal rate for .XYZ is $12.88 per domain, which is considerably higher than the initial first year promotional fee you paid for registration.

As a safety measure and convenience to you, we have turned off Auto Renew so you won’t accidentally get charged higher renewal rates than you were expecting.

You still have time to renew your .XYZ domains before they expire. We encourage you to log into your Uniregistry account and review the names you’d like to keep. With our bulk editing tools, we make it easy to renew all your domain names in a matter of seconds.

A typical renewal rate after promotional pricing is 5% but even that is not easy to attain. With the 1 year anniversary of the promotion one month away, there’s a strong chance the majority of these .XYZ domains will be dropping.

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