US President to leave in 2012 – Sounds familiar?

President Barack Obama will step down in 2012 - just like the ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom.

US President Barack Obama will end his presidency in 2012, according to a message he left on Twitter.

The message read as follows:

“I have decided to wrap up my service at the White House in 2012”, adding “Press release soon.”

Twenty minutes later, the press release followed and comprised largely of Barack Obama listing his achievements in the first and third person.

“I can summarize my time here in three words: yes we can,” he was quoted as saying.

President Barack Obama joins a group of corporate executives, such as the ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom, who admit defeat and failure to produce the results they promised when they assumed office. While some say that Rod Beckstrom was fired from ICANN, he also chose the announcement of “quitting”; amidst all the chaos he assisted with at the ICANN headquarters and upon the launching of the new gTLDs.

It’s often strange how domaining is a microcosm that matches that of large corporations and nations. 😀


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3 Responses to “US President to leave in 2012 – Sounds familiar?”
  1. Trico says:

    “US President Barack Obama will end his presidency in 2012…”

    Well if he doesn’t…

    … the voters will.


  2. BullS says:

    The Secret Service will have a friendly visit with you for Dissing Obama.

    FYI-Obama is one of the Investors and the chief advisory executive of “BullS” Inc.

  3. Dan says:


    To bad this quote was not made by him on Feb 20, 2008…a month after his first presidential inauguration…and it was TRUE 🙂


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