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USPTO and #domains : How long does it take to register a #trademark?

Domain investors with registered trademarks are familiar with the lengthy registration process at the USPTO.

How much time does it take to register a trademark in the US?

The answer is, “it depends.”

Let’s take a look at two registered trademarks, for example, DNW and Domain Name Wire.

DNW is a three letter acronym. From start to finish, it took 8 months – beginning with the application for DNW, to the date the certificate was issued by the USPTO.

Meanwhile, the case with Domain Name Wire was more complex. The process took 13 months, because the USPTO had some initial objections to the mark’s registrability. Once these were addressed, the registration process completed without any other issues.

A few years ago, Erik Pelton, IP attorney and trademark specialist, produced a video about the time it takes for the USPTO to register trademarks. Mr. Pelton’s analysis of the process leads to the same assessment, regarding the time it takes for trademarks to be registered in the US.

This 2011 video stands true to this day! 🙂

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