Video: founder discusses the #domain platform at #NamesCon Online

NamesCon Online 2021 began today, with great participation from the domain industry, delivering enthusiastic panels.

In one of the sessions—State of the Industry / Corporate Leaders—DNJournal founder Ron Jackson, moderated a discussion that included founder, Reza Sardeha.

The other participants were Paul Nicks of GoDaddy, Ben Crawford of CentralNic, and Sandeep Ramchandani of Radix.

The discussion focused on the past year’s challenges with the world’s economy inventing a reactionary adjustment to the pandemic, and how bootstrapped its resources.

Reza Sardeha also talked about the coming updates to DAN 2.0, a name that he personally dislikes using but it’s a necessary evil at this point! 😀

Note: This video has been removed per the request of the NamesCon Online organizers.

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