VM.com : Premium two letter .com #domain moves to #Chinese ownership

LL .com domains are popular in China.

VM.com, an aged, premium, two letter .com domain has changed ownership, and the new registrant is in China.

Domain investor, George Kirikos, shared the news as he’s closely monitoring such premium domain names:

“Another elite 2-letter dot-com domain name has changed hands, as VM(.)com heads to China (where else?).”

Kirikos also shared updated stats about the ratio of LL .com domains that is in Chinese registrants’ hands, as compared to the total number of possible LL combinations:

“By my count, registrants from China now own 202 of the 676 elite 2-letter .com domain names (29.9%). USA ownership drops to 315 (46.6%).”

VM.com was used by a creative studio called Very Memorable, more than a decade ago, but they apparently sold the short domain and kept the long variant, VeryMemorable.com.

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One Response to “VM.com : Premium two letter .com #domain moves to #Chinese ownership”
  1. BullS says:

    VM could also be used for our lovely innocent Virgin Mary

    Pretty soon all the 2L domains will be owned by the Communist Party of China. If they can’t buy, they will “steal”

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