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We Are Registry : Donuts rolls out new .WAR gTLD


With a new global war imminent, there’s never been a better time for dot .WAR, a new gTLD from Donuts.

Citing thousands of years of human conflict, the dot .WAR gTLD embraces one of the world’s unstoppable forces, mindless fighting.

“Everyone talks smack and wants to start a war, with their spouse, their neighbor, the country across the border or beyond,” said Donuts in a press release.

“Let’s face it, a war is where arguments are best settled at, and online wars are often a good choice, such as a war of words. Now you can do that on the Internet, with your own .War domain!” said the press release by Donuts.

Dot .WAR domains will be cheap, at $3 dollars each, to allow even registrants from impoverished nations to participate. This is a brilliant marketing approach that will hopefully generate a steady stream of income for the Registry.

There will be no premium .WAR domains held back by the Registry, a surprise move for such a powerful new gTLD.

Prior to its Registry allocation, ICANN sought special permission from the United Nations, to ensure that dot .WAR is not violating any human rights; the UN responded that it’s all good to go.

If you have given up on peace and the rational settlement of arguments, you can start your own war with dot .WAR – soon available at most domain registrars, and hopefully before the world starts glowing green with radiation.

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4 Responses to “We Are Registry : Donuts rolls out new .WAR gTLD”
  1. Myke says:

    Finally, a gTLD that can tap the lucrative sabermetrics industry.

  2. Primus says:

    “If you have given up on peace and the rational settlement of arguments.”

    Respectfully, quotes like this present yourself as a (“mindless”) pacifist. Sometimes initiating a war is the most rational option for an aggressor. Othertimes one has no choice – a war may be declared by an external aggressor and defending oneself and others may be the only rational option of survival. In both these instances war may be the only rational method of lasting peace and would thus not be “mindless fighting”. Preparing for the possibility of war is always rational and always a necessity for any mindful civilization.

  3. DomainGang says:

    Primus – I’ve a feeling you’d be a top customer of .WAR.

  4. Primus says:

    “Primus – I’ve a feeling you’d be a top customer of .WAR.”

    My previous comments suggest otherwise (for serious subjects let rationality guide you, not “feeling”). I don’t support war as a blanket rule – I don’t believe many, if any, people do; I support people acting rationally and mindfully and I recognize that this may include participating in war; it always includes preparation for war. War is, however, often “mindlessly” opposed as a blanket rule by anti-war activists; how easy it must be for simple minds to possess concepts such as “stop war”. I assert that these simpletons will be the core customers of .WAR.

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