Webmaster.net – Was it just sold for five figures?

A typical webmaster from the 1990's.

A typical webmaster from the 1990’s.

The domain name Webmaster.net was sold today on Sedo, for $10,650 – the equivalent of 8100 euro.

At least, that’s the claim posted earlier today by its new owner, a domain investor from Turkey, on DNForum.

For the past five months, Webmaster.net was owned by a company with offices in Moldova and the UK, after they acquired it for $9,828 in late July 2012, according to NameBio.

Considering how Sedo gets to keep between 15% and 20%, that’s a loss right there for the previous owner.

The WHOIS information at DomainTools does not currently reflect the sale, which has not been independently confirmed.

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